I Am Carrying

Did a fast doodle for @YouAreCarrying‘s #iamcarrying prompt. #iamcarrying a hell of a lot in addition to the constant toddler.


Fearsome Critters

Yes, I am seriously posting 3 pages of comics from 5 years ago. That is how little non-NTO output I have to show for myself.

… actually, I was having a conversation about how drawing NTO is so married to the process responsible for how it looks and how like a rut that’s starting to feel that I wasn’t sure I even knew how to do anything else anymore. I said “I can’t imagine drawing something that looks like, say, this” and chose these 3 pages of the abandoned Fearsome Critters at random. And so, waxing nostalgic about this beforetime, I got to thinking a lot of people watching me now probably never saw these pages. I liked them. They were near and dear, like all of Fearsome Critters.

FC was supposed to be an all-ages adventure rooted in the weird culture of my native north woods. I’m anxious to revisit it, not only because of the paradigmy feeling that’s settled over NTO, but because I’d like to do something I can show my kid before he’s 15 and have him enjoy and hopefully, possibly, be proud of his mom creating. Because let’s face it; when he’s 15 his pride in his mom will probably be unsalvageable.


Poor Wayfaring Strangers Underway; I Can’t Decide


So Poor Wayfaring Strangers is quietly and slowly underway. For my part I can’t decide between a handful of different shorts to develop for my own contribution (sketch from Option A). I’d love to do several but I think I’m barely going to have time for one.

Essential Vocabulary

Griffin’s first eight words, in chronological order: mama, clock, dada, bindu (wind chimes), pindi (pendulum), eye, tin, on.

About a Boy

Don’t get much (any) time for non-comic sketching lately, but I treated myself to a few minutes in the name of acquainting myself with Manga Studio 5.

Only so much continuous horse murder a person can draw.


Letters of Note

It is probably ethically questionable to post private, business correspondence on my disused blog, but this is simply the most magnificent cold solicitation for an illustration quote I have ever seen.

The email, in its entirety:

Oi Ace,

Saw that Unicorn Western cover, thought, hot dam, this kid can draw.

So, I got this Nov, currently getting edited, need a cool ass-cover and I like the way you move a pencil.

How does this work? You need to see the book or what?

This is the first Nov that I have dashed off and my Lit agent hates it so I will try this whole self-publish game. Try my luck. I’m not juiced with coin so go easy on the quote, Ya dig?

I am based in London, not sure if this matters, but what the hell I’m letting you know. I’m also terribly handsome which certainly doesn’t matter, but what the hell, I’m letting you know.

Cheers doll,


If I had time I’d probably do this guy’s project pro bono on the merits of this letter. He is clearly an Earthbound NPC.

Video Missing

I have a million devices that can record video but I still never have them on me when I need them (the flipside here is I actually view my reality, and my growing kid, through my actual eyes instead of a tiny stupid viewfinder but that’s another discussion).

So in the absence of video, picture this: toddler takes his bowl of macaroni with the utmost care over to a stool, places it there — again, with reverent care. Then he turns, slowly, deliberately, and sits in it.

Clever [Boy]

Although I don’t know when I’d find the time for it, I keep thinking about making a Tumblr that’s strictly a parenting blog since more and more I want to record my thoughts on kid interludes now that Griffin is a fully mobile, increasingly defiant toddler (sixteen months). If nothing else, I’d like to more thoroughly document and commemorate the increasingly hilarious shit he gets up to.

I haven’t made this Tumblr, though, and, meanwhile, I’ve got this wholly stagnant, pointless website. So for now, maybe I’ll record stray anecdotes here when I’ve got a minute.

Getting Griffin to take his vitamins has been an evolving fight; he wouldn’t take the drops without a physical struggle, he started gleefully taking half a chewable until I switched brands and put him off them permanently, even once I’d switched back. For awhile it was not unlike pilling a cat. He needs them though; he really struggles with low iron.

The other day he’d exhausted all my tricks for getting him to take the damn thing: he even had a book in hand (with a picture of a baby on the front — more on this later) he wanted me to read; usually if he wants something it’s easy to negotiate — I’ll hook him up if he’ll do what he’s supposed to. He was having none of it this time though; just kept shoving the book at me while I shoved the vitamin at him.

I was so fed up I said the type of stupid thing that exemplifies frazzled, dipshit parenting: pointing at the baby on the book he was so adamant I read, I sputtered “This baby likes vitamins!”

And Griffin took the vitamin from my hand.

And fed it to the baby on the book.