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Festive Kind of Fire Tribute

Not the 3-hour masterpiece a friend of mine carved this year (not Azzy, either), but significantly more brütal, anyway:

and Brütal Defeat. Also: Wild Things.

… but seriously, the game is entirely too short.  What ought to be at least a third of the game amounts to a single brief stage battle that leaves you feeling like those particular game assets kind of went to waste. And the multiplayer’s a bit of a wreck so I really do feel done […]

Brütal Victory

So I’ve had enough time with Brütal Legend now to have an opinion. It’s everything I expected, which means, among other things, that it defies classification.  If I was forced to try and liken the game to something else I think I’d have to say Warcraft 3 + Zelda: Wind Waker + Rock ‘n’ Roll […]

Four days later….

That crazy homeless squatter Spectre-X is back up. Thanks to Mr. Deveria, tireless avenger of the interwebs (and his lovely wife, who held my hand while he poked through all the tubes).

Moving Day

… has come and gone.   You may or may not have noticed the switch to the new web host; one enduring sign is Spex’s restored blog’s inscrutable database problems.  Don’t quite have those ironed out, yet.  Mine — and a sekrut, third one — had issues of their own but they were easily solved.  Random. […]


Although a Squidbunnies outage would probably slip neatly under most anyone’s radar, be advised the site (and my Email) may start to resemble the Dow over the next couple days — i.e. it’s gonna be up and down. New host, new registrar, and [hopefully] some new features.  Who knows?  Maybe some old features will […]


Guilt about not being part of 24 Hour Comic Day, my only religiously observed holiday, a second year running, and guilt about Hell’s Corners’ continued hiatus, dredged up by this magnificent fucking pumpkin: