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I Guess You Had to Be There

So between my Mass Effect fanarts and my Dragon Age slashfics I think I’ve established I’m down with BioWare. This goes further back – I really liked KoTOR (though few games are as overrated) and Jade Empire (underrated) in between. But all of this belies a secret shame: I have never played Baldur’s Gate. I […]

Speaking of Sovereigns

If you’re old and nerdly enough to have been a Star Trek: TNG fan around the time of First Contact’s theatrical release, and mentally disciplined enough to clearly remember those days unclouded by the embittered haze drawn over them by shit like Voyager, you might be able to conjure up the old friends sensation of […]

Don’t hold me to promises made in the heat of the moment

… but I think Mass Effect 2 might be one of my favorite games ever. Period. More on this later, I’m sure.