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Next Blog Over

Next Town Over is still wandering the publishing wastes, but I’ve thrown together a rudimentary home for what’s done and what will be done. It’ll probably be updated weekly.

Oh, that’s right!

I should mention Poison Pen Letter. The esteemed Mr. Cairns and myself are jamming back and forth on an ad-libbed trade comic in our free times. He started with page 1 (setting the bar entirely too high) and I sputtered my clumsy retort in the form of page 2. Check it out; he’ll be updating […]

No, Really: Rockstar Makes You a Rockstar

Of 24 Hour Comics! In 2005 I took the 24 Hour Comics challenge for the first time, and drank half a case of Rockstar energy drinks to stay awake the 23 hours it took me to finish Squinker, the story that got included in the Eisner-nominated 2005 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights anthology. In 2006 […]