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About a Boy

Don’t get much (any) time for non-comic sketching lately, but I treated myself to a few minutes in the name of acquainting myself with Manga Studio 5. Only so much continuous horse murder a person can draw.

Letters of Note

It is probably ethically questionable to post private, business correspondence on my disused blog, but this is simply the most magnificent cold solicitation for an illustration quote I have ever seen. The email, in its entirety: Oi Ace, Saw that Unicorn Western cover, thought, hot dam, this kid can draw. So, I got this Nov, […]

Video Missing

I have a million devices that can record video but I still never have them on me when I need them (the flipside here is I actually view my reality, and my growing kid, through my actual eyes instead of a tiny stupid viewfinder but that’s another discussion). So in the absence of video, picture […]

Clever [Boy]

Although I don’t know when I’d find the time for it, I keep thinking about making a Tumblr that’s strictly a parenting blog since more and more I want to record my thoughts on kid interludes now that Griffin is a fully mobile, increasingly defiant toddler (sixteen months). If nothing else, I’d like to more […]

Step One

… was to update the “about” page to reflect three years without an update vs. the previous record of a laughable old one. I’d better update this site more. I’m supposed to be a thing.