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Although I don’t know when I’d find the time for it, I keep thinking about making a Tumblr that’s strictly a parenting blog since more and more I want to record my thoughts on kid interludes now that Griffin is a fully mobile, increasingly defiant toddler (sixteen months). If nothing else, I’d like to more thoroughly document and commemorate the increasingly hilarious shit he gets up to.

I haven’t made this Tumblr, though, and, meanwhile, I’ve got this wholly stagnant, pointless website. So for now, maybe I’ll record stray anecdotes here when I’ve got a minute.

Getting Griffin to take his vitamins has been an evolving fight; he wouldn’t take the drops without a physical struggle, he started gleefully taking half a chewable until I switched brands and put him off them permanently, even once I’d switched back. For awhile it was not unlike pilling a cat. He needs them though; he really struggles with low iron.

The other day he’d exhausted all my tricks for getting him to take the damn thing: he even had a book in hand (with a picture of a baby on the front — more on this later) he wanted me to read; usually if he wants something it’s easy to negotiate — I’ll hook him up if he’ll do what he’s supposed to. He was having none of it this time though; just kept shoving the book at me while I shoved the vitamin at him.

I was so fed up I said the type of stupid thing that exemplifies frazzled, dipshit parenting: pointing at the baby on the book he was so adamant I read, I sputtered “This baby likes vitamins!”

And Griffin took the vitamin from my hand.

And fed it to the baby on the book.

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