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Sunday morning shenanigans

Yesterday morning’s OC doodle!

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Together / We’ll show you how to improvise

Sef and I decided one day to make a quick, impromptu comic in OpenCanvas (which neither of us was particularly good with at the time), the idea being to take turns drawing panels with no preformulated notions about what was going on. This sort of devolved into trying to stymie one another with padding shots that didn’t advance the action, but people got a kick out of the result — us included. So we did more of them, and show no indication of stopping any time in the foreseeable future.

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Left of the dial

Left of the dial

Hey, remember me? We were kids together.

It’s been a little while. I rent a room from my ex-boyfriend, now, and my current boyfriend is on the wrong side of the planet, and I have a “real” job again, by my parents’ definition, by which I mean steady, 40+ hours-a-week employment with a loathsome company. And no, you still cannot buy the Psychonauts comic. You can stop asking, now. For real.

Resurrecting the site?

Trying WordPress. We will see.