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Have Fun

HH / Shambling Vane Black: Inktober 2015

Some Halloween-themed Next Town Over Inktober shiz I did in my hotel room. Somehow, readers were not pissed at me for posting these in lieu of a real update.

I think I’d actually like to do a less-terrible painting of the Hunter one. Time-permitting. So never.

Bad Time / Good Time: Inktober 2015 Gone Wild

Good time / bad time

Remembered I have a tumblr. Forgot I draw. It is Inktober. I played Undertale. Everything converges.

I Am Carrying

Did a fast doodle for @YouAreCarrying‘s #iamcarrying prompt. #iamcarrying a hell of a lot in addition to the constant toddler.


Fearsome Critters

Yes, I am seriously posting 3 pages of comics from 5 years ago. That is how little non-NTO output I have to show for myself.

… actually, I was having a conversation about how drawing NTO is so married to the process responsible for how it looks and how like a rut that’s starting to feel that I wasn’t sure I even knew how to do anything else anymore. I said “I can’t imagine drawing something that looks like, say, this” and chose these 3 pages of the abandoned Fearsome Critters at random. And so, waxing nostalgic about this beforetime, I got to thinking a lot of people watching me now probably never saw these pages. I liked them. They were near and dear, like all of Fearsome Critters.

FC was supposed to be an all-ages adventure rooted in the weird culture of my native north woods. I’m anxious to revisit it, not only because of the paradigmy feeling that’s settled over NTO, but because I’d like to do something I can show my kid before he’s 15 and have him enjoy and hopefully, possibly, be proud of his mom creating. Because let’s face it; when he’s 15 his pride in his mom will probably be unsalvageable.


Poor Wayfaring Strangers Underway; I Can’t Decide


So Poor Wayfaring Strangers is quietly and slowly underway. For my part I can’t decide between a handful of different shorts to develop for my own contribution (sketch from Option A). I’d love to do several but I think I’m barely going to have time for one.

Essential Vocabulary

Griffin’s first eight words, in chronological order: mama, clock, dada, bindu (wind chimes), pindi (pendulum), eye, tin, on.

About a Boy

Don’t get much (any) time for non-comic sketching lately, but I treated myself to a few minutes in the name of acquainting myself with Manga Studio 5.

Only so much continuous horse murder a person can draw.