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Festive Kind of Fire Tribute

Not the 3-hour masterpiece a friend of mine carved this year (not Azzy, either), but significantly more brütal, anyway:

and Brütal Defeat. Also: Wild Things.

… but seriously, the game is entirely too short.  What ought to be at least a third of the game amounts to a single brief stage battle that leaves you feeling like those particular game assets kind of went to waste.

And the multiplayer’s a bit of a wreck so I really do feel done with the game, far too soon.  I could’ve gone for more.

I guess I’ll have to wait a bunch more years and publisher-related dramas for more Double Fine.

Next up: Dragon Age.  Probably.  Meanwhile, why didn’t anyone tell me there was an Electric Six track pack for Rock Band?

Unrelated, Where the Wild Things Are could only be improved by my being 20+ years younger.  The bipolar reeling from highs to lows and the overall emotional tone were pitch perfect; exactly like being 5.

Brütal Victory

So I’ve had enough time with Brütal Legend now to have an opinion.

It’s everything I expected, which means, among other things, that it defies classification.  If I was forced to try and liken the game to something else I think I’d have to say Warcraft 3 + Zelda: Wind Waker + Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing + Tim Schafer.   Warcraft 3 is the principle ingredient there for a reason; the game has long been purported to feature “RTS elements”; this is kind of a massive understatement. About half the time the game is an RTS and its multiplayer focuses solely on this facet.

Jerry Holkins mentioned this but controlling something that is unquestionably an RTS with a console controller is awkward.  I spend about half my time in a given stage battle selecting the wrong unit, or selecting all the units, or issuing orders that are precisely the inverse of what I wanted to happen. This is often hilarious as it’s thematically in keeping with the Brütal Legend tale — i.e. Eddie Riggs, roadie extraordinaire, attempts to organize clueless misfits — but it’s frustrating just as often.  It’s also easily forgivable in the context of a game this ambitious and this tailored to my own personal preferences.  It’s hilarious, it’s gorgeous, it’s deep.  It’s totally metal, man.

Four days later….

That crazy homeless squatter Spectre-X is back up.

Thanks to Mr. Deveria, tireless avenger of the interwebs (and his lovely wife, who held my hand while he poked through all the tubes).

Moving Day

… has come and gone.   You may or may not have noticed the switch to the new web host; one enduring sign is Spex’s restored blog’s inscrutable database problems.  Don’t quite have those ironed out, yet.  Mine — and a sekrut, third one — had issues of their own but they were easily solved.  Random.

You’ll find the squidboard is back.   I’d like to say better than ever but it’s phpBB-driven again so that’d just be a lie.

Also: snow.


Although a Squidbunnies outage would probably slip neatly under most anyone’s radar, be advised the site (and my Email) may start to resemble the Dow over the next couple days — i.e. it’s gonna be up and down.

New host, new registrar, and [hopefully] some new features.  Who knows?  Maybe some old features will be resurrected, too.


Guilt about not being part of 24 Hour Comic Day, my only religiously observed holiday, a second year running, and guilt about Hell’s Corners’ continued hiatus, dredged up by this magnificent fucking pumpkin:



Eight gallons of dry red, a gallon and a half of tart cherry, all in secondary, but the cherry’s a lot further along.  Fruit entirely from the yard.  So fun.