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Looks like I’m back for keeps, after all.

Obligatory screenshots where I yell at you to disregard my bars because I wasn’t modded yet:

Disappointing wildlife rescue response, Jefferson County

So Zhao mauls an infant rabbit badly enough that I can’t leave it outside but not so badly I’m comfortable ending it with a brick or something, I spend 25 minutes making like 16 phone calls before finding the nearest outfit that’ll take it, and drive like 40 miles with this terrified thing in a Dick Blick box in the passenger seat.

At one point someone said to me — to borrow a Barryism, I am not making this up — “Well we just hope Jenny can help you find somebody to put the baby bunny back together!”

Jenny was out of her office.

As was neighboring Dane County, whose humane society I used to be involved with; they told me, in the same breath, that it was against their policy to interfere with wildlife (they have an on-site rehab facility) and that they were sorry but they couldn’t help me unless I lived in Dane County.


In the end though I drove to Wildlife in Need, who assured me they will put the baby bunny back together.

Not there; there

Everything seems to work now. And the Master Sword sleeps again.

Treasonous Scum sails again.

Solid gold regicide action.

Solid gold regicide action.


Finally decided to upgrade my WordPress install.  Smooth sailing, except now, for whatever reason, theme install automation is busted.  This specifically blows because I was looking to do a quick and simple visual overhaul.  Goddamnit.

My Work Isn’t Real Unless I Show it to You

“For some reason, my work isn’t real unless I show it to you.  Everything we’re working on won’t be seen for months; it’s excruciating.  I’m writing constantly, and I have nothing to show for it.”

Jerry Holkins wrapped up the newspost that accompanied today’s [jaw-dropping] Automata comic like this. Man, did it resonate with me.

It’s hard to stay focused & motivated when you have no interaction with an audience of any kind.  When I was updating Hell’s Corners I moaned profusely about the smallness of its readership but at least I had a sounding board.  Ass-deep in the gears and grease and tin widgets of writing Next Town Over I feel uniquely alone; like I’m working on nothing.  It’s not solid or animate until someone else sees it, and I can’t show it to you until it’s ready.


Incidentally, at the insistence of a couple people I’m now on Twitter so I can not update you even more readily.

+2 Dungeoneering


Imagine spending Saturday night playing Dungeons and Dragons with your significant other, your half-estranged childhood best friend, your younger sibling, and your parents.  Imagine that, as you might expect, none of them has the slightest idea what is going on and neither do you as none of you has ever played or even sat in on a game before.  Imagine that you are the DM.  Finally, try to imagine that this is fun, despite sounding summarily sadder than probably anything of which you can conceive.

This fool’s errand was initially concocted to lash a sort of shaky family unit back together; at the time this included my “brother” Aaron, who instead finally detached the mighty sucker-fish of his fiscal chokehold on my poor retired parents and split back to Wherever to shack up with some internet lurker.  In any case we proceeded with the plan despite his absence.  After all, I’d already shelled out for the core rulebooks.

And the rulebooks really marked the extent of my willingness to commit financially to such a disastrous-sounding scheme despite having thought it up in the first place.  So, de facto DM and forever frugal, I showed up at the first session with a roll of hand-drawn maps under my arm and a bag of Rolos and peanut butter cups to stand in for enemy miniatures.

Thriftiness has resulted in some rad emergent gameplay, though: the party is slaughtering Kobolds for the posted bounty and — get this — turning in skins. Every time someone offs an Almond Kiss they “skin” it and add to the pile, which is currently being schlepped around by my little sister, the Gnoll Shaman.

I think we’ll stick with this, and I’ll try to stick with chronicling the careers of Matranos, Gnyrl, Diazepam, Barrium Enemil & Pateo Snatch.

Gone to Texas

Actually I’m back, now, and honestly I don’t really like Preacher all that much, anyway, but I brought tequila-flavored suckers with mescal worms in for everyone.

New computer again; very slick affair from Digital Storm.

Haven’t done much in the interim except work my day job and play games from 2003.