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2 Page Comic

Some forum friends and I did a little comic challenge: in two pages tell either a post-apocalyptic tragic transformation story or a splatterpunk or space opera switching-of-roles/man-vs.-world story. I didn’t have much time to put into mine but in lieu of a real update, here you go:


Crossposted from the Next Town Over blog. All apologies. As you may have seen via Twitter, I’ve thrown in with DRAWMORE INC. and their new, annual anthology project, NOBODIES. This was mostly because Jon Cairns was doing it and my life is pretty much a protracted quest to be as cool as he is. My […]

SCROLL 02: Quests

The new SCROLL‘s primarily concerned with the 25th anniversary of Dragon Quest, exploring the origin of the JRPG along with a comprehensive stroll through the DQ series. Each retrospective (many of which were contributed by Alex) was illustrated by a different artist. My comics brother-in-arms Jon Cairns did VII, while I did VIII. The other […]

NTO in the Local Newspaper

Pardon the repost from the NTO blog, but my tiny town of Waterloo, Wisconsin, has its own local newspaper, the Courier, which actually featured Next Town Over and I this week. No revelations therein for web natives or comics enthusiasts, since its author was [probably] trying to keep it accessible for our paper’s small, rural-ish […]

Hell’s Corners TPB On Sale!

Hell’s Corners: Douchebags Never Die is here and it looks fantastic! If you were an HC fan back in the day and never bought any of the print editions, now’s the time: the 158 page collection is loaded with self-important commentary and extras. You owe it to yourself (and to me, damn you, you cheapsmack) […]

New Poison Pen Letter

Finally got around to drawing a 4th page of Poison Pen Letter, the improvisational comic Jon Cairns started with me. You can check out the whole sequence here. This is trickier than battle comics and collaborations I’ve done before; it’s really hard to shape a story one page at a time. Good exercise.

My Work Isn’t Real Unless I Show it to You

“For some reason, my work isn’t real unless I show it to you.  Everything we’re working on won’t be seen for months; it’s excruciating.  I’m writing constantly, and I have nothing to show for it.” Jerry Holkins wrapped up the newspost that accompanied today’s [jaw-dropping] Automata comic like this. Man, did it resonate with me. […]