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Darkfall Part 4: The Farewell Bend

Darkfall is a divisive game.  Opinions expressed about it tend toward the extremes of love and hate, and usually illicit a dissenting shitfire either way.   Darkfall devotees will defend the game till the bitter last word as a bold niche game that’s not for everyone, and detractors will invariably equate “niche” with “crap” and cite […]

Darkfall Part 3: Hours in Exile

If you belong to a clan in Darkfall with control of a reasonably established city you can pretty much disregard the game’s alignment system, killing whomever’s gear strikes your fancy or whomever’s name you think is stupid, safe in the knowledge that no matter how high you rise on your faction’s shitlist you can always […]

Darkfall Part 2: The Price of Freedom

(Part 1 of the Darkfall review can be found here) My second day in Darkfall found me hunting trolls nearer the edge of the the Tribelands: my native corner of the massive, seamless world that is Agon.  It supposedly takes 6 hours straight running to cross the mainland corner-to-corner, and of course the continent is […]

Darkfall Part 1: My Life as a Sheep

Initially announced in late 2001, tiny independent Greek/Norwegian (huh?) company Aventurine SA’s MMORPG Darkfall was in development so long it was written off by almost everyone who might’ve cared as vaporware.    When it was eventually released to the European market over 7 years later Eurogamer rated it first 2/10, then 4/10 following allegations on Aventurine’s […]