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What She Sees in You (Geez More Undertale; Inktober 2015)

Quick Inktober sketch with quicker PS tones. Not really into the, uh, shippin’s? But threw my Soriel homies a bone?

I … uh … eugh.

…. You feel your sins crawling on your back.

Assorted Undertale Detritus (Inktober 2015)

Undyne. i….. i dunno why i bothered with those punch cards….. goodnight sweet quiche. (Shhhhhhhhh)


(this post has no title)

Brush pen: some old CoH joke heroes. Djinn Fizz and Wholly Ghost.


Mettaton, Diamond Dogs (Inktober 2015)

Back in business with a new brushpen. There are probably like 5 people on the internet who will get this … conflux.


Jeff: Inktober 2015

Remember this dickbag.

HH / Shambling Vane Black: Inktober 2015

Some Halloween-themed Next Town Over Inktober shiz I did in my hotel room. Somehow, readers were not pissed at me for posting these in lieu of a real update. I think I’d actually like to do a less-terrible painting of the Hunter one. Time-permitting. So never.

Bad Time / Good Time: Inktober 2015 Gone Wild

Good time / bad time Remembered I have a tumblr. Forgot I draw. It is Inktober. I played Undertale. Everything converges.