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HH / Shambling Vane Black: Inktober 2015

Some Halloween-themed Next Town Over Inktober shiz I did in my hotel room. Somehow, readers were not pissed at me for posting these in lieu of a real update. I think I’d actually like to do a less-terrible painting of the Hunter one. Time-permitting. So never.

Poor Wayfaring Strangers Underway; I Can’t Decide

So Poor Wayfaring Strangers is quietly and slowly underway. For my part I can’t decide between a handful of different shorts to develop for my own contribution (sketch from Option A). I’d love to do several but I think I’m barely going to have time for one.


Crossposted from the Next Town Over blog. All apologies. As you may have seen via Twitter, I’ve thrown in with DRAWMORE INC. and their new, annual anthology project, NOBODIES. This was mostly because Jon Cairns was doing it and my life is pretty much a protracted quest to be as cool as he is. My […]

My Work Isn’t Real Unless I Show it to You

“For some reason, my work isn’t real unless I show it to you.  Everything we’re working on won’t be seen for months; it’s excruciating.  I’m writing constantly, and I have nothing to show for it.” Jerry Holkins wrapped up the newspost that accompanied today’s [jaw-dropping] Automata comic like this. Man, did it resonate with me. […]