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Jeez Would You Look At The Time

It’s ten past waaaaay too late for an update,  jesus christ. Whoops, I guess?

First off, let me say that I hope everyone at least had a reasonably pleasant holiday period unless you’re some kind of asshole in which case you can go fuck off, Scrooge.

Secondly, I’ve been pretty busy with school (which has been incredibly fun and difficult and stressful in about equal parts) so I’ll gather some stuff up from that soon and show you guys (ha! Like more than one person reads this thing these days) but for now you’re going to have to make due with a recipe a good former housemate of mine sent me.

It’s called Gheime and it’s Iranian, I guess. Don’t bother googling it, because I did and got a bunch of stew recipes, and this isn’t stew. It’s more like an Iranian taco, so I guess a bunch got lost in translation.

Ingredients for enough Gheime for 4 people:

400 gr of ground meat (beef, I guess)

1 onion

1 bell pepper

1 small box of mushrooms

8 eggs (two eggs per person)

2 tablespoons of flour

black pepper, salt, oil, turmeric powder (kurkuma)

1 bag of grated cheese

3 spoons of tomato paste

1 or 2 tomatoes


First slice up the mushrooms, shred the onion and cut the bell pepper into tiny chunks. Fry up the meat and add the mushroom slices, onion and bell pepper to the whole thing. Add salt, pepper and kurkuma and add the tomato paste.

Put the eggs in a bowl and whip them up good before you add some salt and pepper to the mix. Whip it up some more and add the flour. Keep mixing it together until you’ve got a kind of thin, eggy batter going. Divide the mixture into 4 equal parts and pour them into a preheated pan with oil. It’s basically like making very eggy pancakes.

When the pancakes are done, spread the filling onto them, cut up the tomatoes and maybe some cheese and put it inside. Gently fold the pancakes in half.

Sprinkle the grated cheese over the folded pancakes and put them in the oven for about 20 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.

And there you go, you’ve just made Gheime. Enjoy the meal, it’s fucking delicious.

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First snow of the season! So pretty! My pictures don’t really do it much justice.

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So it’s been a while

since I’ve posted any real art here, apart from that one link to the thread with the photographs of my 24-hour comic, so I thought I’d change that. About damn time, too!

Last week was project week for our school! Normally this would mean that we’d be forced to pick some project or other having to do with the week’s special theme, the theme being Slow on this case. I’m not usually too fond of project weeks since the projects we can choose from generally don’t have anything to do with whatever we actually want to learn about, which is animation in the case of my classmates and myself.

We were lucky this week, however, as the head of our animation department was organising a little thing where we were supposed to create short, half-minute-long or so animations to accompany fragments from audiobooks. This was in cooperation with the public library in an effort to make children more interested in reading. Also it allowed us to ignore the usually-restrictive and tedious theme of the week. Noble AND fun! Yay!

My group picked a fragment from Ronia the Robber’s Daughter by Astrid Lindgren. It was fun. I did the backgrounds and some concept sketches, all of which were done on one of the school’s Cintiqs. A terrible decision in retrospect, since now I can never go back to feeble normal tablets.

But anyway, have some stuff:

And now some sketches:

That’s about it for now. I hope you like them, because I liked playing around with them. Cintiqs are really extremely neat. Also,  if you’ve got any helpful tips don’t hesitate to share. I’m tuckered out now and I need to get up early tomorrow to have my picture taken, after which I’ll go to Rotterdam for a few days to play more Brütal Legend and go to a friend’s birthday party.

Good night!

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24HC kweh

Once again I tried my hand at a 24-hour comic on the International 24-Hour Comic Day, held this year on the 3rd of October. Once again I failed miserably, though with some good reason this year. I only learned that it was 24HCD on 24HCD and as such had very little time to prepare materials and adjust my schedule accordingly.

Also I had an appointment that day with a friend of mine about some illustration work I did (and am still doing) for them and so I could only start work on the comic at six in the evening.

The comic can be found HERE for the time being as I haven’t yet had chance to scan it properly. I’ll do that on Wednesday or something because I’ve got some school business to take care of first. In any case, I hope whoever still visits my site will enjoy the glorious six-page bounty I bestow upon them now.

JoJo out for now, but I will be back soon and shower you with more gifts!

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Wow, more than a year. Jesus.

Quick post to justify keeping this thing alive! I mean, nobody reads it so that’s kind of curbed my posting, and I’ve been busy and art-blocked, but whatever. I’ve got time now, I’ll do more stuff.

It’s been an eventful year and shit. School was awesome. I got through the first year without too much trouble. When I sort out my FTP stuff (my free version expired, the bastard) I’ll make a new post with more stuff and details about school. I’ll upload my photos and such and you can all look at them and what I made.

Also expect this thing to get changed around into something fancier some time in the future.

Rock on, you!

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It came from awesome!

Someone told me to draw this. So I did. Shit’s awesome, yo.


Click to embiggerise!

I should update more often.

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New comic thing!

Erin and I did another comic thing! Wooooooo!

whoa dang

Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!

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Who is the best you guys I am trying to figure it out

no wait I already know

it’s me

that’s right you shitbitches, you ladydogs, you dudeholes, you filthy proles

I got into art school! And not just any art school, but THIS one, which just so happens to be exactly the art school I was hoping to get admitted to. I will start in September this year. I will start in September this year to pursue a degree of animation! Isn’t that tits?


It is.

And it’s all thanks to Erin and to a lesser extent my parents for believing in me so much! Yaaaay! YAAAAAAAAAY!

Wooooo, party at my place!

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Yeah bo-yeeeeeeeee

fuckin’ got myself a fuckin’ site motherfucking yeeeeeeeeeeee-ah

Erin’s still messing around with the settings because I have no idea how to work this thing.

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