24HC kweh

Once again I tried my hand at a 24-hour comic on the International 24-Hour Comic Day, held this year on the 3rd of October. Once again I failed miserably, though with some good reason this year. I only learned that it was 24HCD on 24HCD and as such had very little time to prepare materials and adjust my schedule accordingly.

Also I had an appointment that day with a friend of mine about some illustration work I did (and am still doing) for them and so I could only start work on the comic at six in the evening.

The comic can be found HERE for the time being as I haven’t yet had chance to scan it properly. I’ll do that on Wednesday or something because I’ve got some school business to take care of first. In any case, I hope whoever still visits my site will enjoy the glorious six-page bounty I bestow upon them now.

JoJo out for now, but I will be back soon and shower you with more gifts!

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